Top Winter Fashion Trends 2014 That Can Translate into the Promotional Clothing Market

Generally speaking the promotional industry isn’t too different from the worlds of retail and fashion. As a matter of fact you will notice several distinct similarities between popular promotional products and the retail market, same again with fashion wear and the promotional clothing market. It is quite obvious not everything from the world of fashion will make it in the world of promotional clothing, but elements do find their way across and work very well promotionally.

Wine FOTL Hoodie Colours and colour combinations play a very important role in fashionable items, knowing what colours clash and what works well together seems to be an art of its own. My research shows two quite prominent colours running throughout fashionable trends for winter 2014; these colours are wine and royal blue.  Whether used together or individually, these colours  are popping up all over the fashion world for winter clothing. What you will find though is that red in general will be an incredibly popular theme in stores and at fashion shows around the world, so I expect that red promotional clothing could also be quite prominent this winter!

womens blazerThe second trend is more of a style of clothing rather than a specific colour or pattern, and that is tailored wear. Although tailored clothing is already promotionally popular generally for men, according to fashion trends it could be something we will see becoming increasingly popular for women too. Women’s power suits could be a fantastic trend, where only the sharpest styled dressing will do. The feminine influence over menswear can see an increase in the promotional use of fashionable blazers, waistcoats and button shirts and not only in the service roles. One main reason I personally feel this could do so well in the promotional world is because embroidered tailor wear looks absolutely fantastic, be it uniforms, or exhibition wear, embroidery really does give tailored clothing that extra executive look that is hard to achieve with other forms of clothing.

geotshirtOkay since we’ve had a colour, a style, it’s only fair that we finish with a pattern that could translate into the promotional clothing marketing from world fashion trends. One of the big themes you will see in the world fashion this winter is geometrical shapes, whether it is made from material, or a pattern in the cloth, geometrical shapes seem to be a very popular notion. Now when it comes to promotional clothing, I understand that patterned cloth isn’t the best option, and random geometrical cuts into the material isn’t exactly possible unless you’re going fully bespoke. That is why if it was a geometrical theme you were going for, I’d recommend going with a geometrical design with your branding, whether its screen printing or embroidery. A huge part in what makes a promotional clothing item great is its branding, and being smart with your branding incorporating fashion trends is definitely on the right track to producing something special.

There is nothing to say that these are going to be definite best sellers in promotional clothing ranges, nor is it the be all and end all of your choices, they are just observations made by me personally, this blog is designed to provide a couple of ideas, that allow you to think outside the box when it comes to the thought selection and branding behind your future promotional clothing choices.

Summer Time Means Summer Promotional T-Shirts

It seems like the UK has experienced its longest winter, but the good news is the weather is starting to look up and summer seems to be joining us in full swing. With the change in weather comes a change in clothing, no longer do we cover ourselves up in warm jackets, jumpers and Hoodie.

So why does fashion matter in a business to business situation? To understand this, you need to know that according to statistics by far the most popular item of clothing companies use for advertising and promotional purposes is the promotional T-Shirt. Yes it is true that companies can still distribute the promotional t-shirt all year round, but during the summer is when it comes into its own. The whole point of promotional merchandise and clothing is for it to be seen, and fair enough people are likely to wear promotional t-shirts in the winter, but they will most probably be covered with a jacket or hoodie, thus losing the impressions they possibly could have gained if the weather was better.

Another reason why fashion matters in the promotional industry again has to do with the fact that promotional clothing needs to be seen, if a company produces a promotional t-shirt that is deemed highly unfashionable, the likelihood of it being worn is quite low. Many companies try to keep up with the latest in fashion designs when thinking about promotional clothing, because the more the item is worn, the more it will be seen.

Another aspect you will need to consider is competition, even if you have all aspects right so far, you are following fashion to best of your ability and distributing t-shirts during the summer, a person still may choose to wear another company’s t-shirt over yours simply to the fact that it looks better. The best way to combat this is to try to appeal to your targeted demographic, for example if your demographic is people over the age of 40 they are less likely to wear the same style t-shirts as teenagers.

If you endeavour to try and follow these rules, not only for just promotional t shirts but all of your promotional clothing items, it may even work for your promotional merchandise campaigns, the fact of the matter is if an item is current, popular and has the ability to be branded, it will most probably make for a good promotional item.

Things to Consider When Selecting Promotional Printed T-Shirts

Ok so you have taken your first step in the right direction and have decided that you want to use promotional t-shirts for marketing purposes whether it is general advertising, or you are holding an event or new product launch, whatever the reason, you have made a great first choice. Unfortunately a marketing campaign does not just magic itself out of the air once this choice has been made, much more thought and many decisions have to be made in between selecting t-shirts and sending them out to customers.

The first dilemma you will come across is which type of t-shirt to use; many people would wrongfully dismiss this stage, and think a t-shirt is a t-shirt what decision needs to be made. Well to put in short, there are several variables, from material, to style, to colour, brand and size range.  There is no default choice for this, it really is important to think long and hard about these choices, they can affect, the final price, the final look of the t-shirt, your desired demographic and even the success of the item.  Best case scenario, you pick a style and material that is fashionable to the majority of your demographic, you pick a well-known brand and at affordable price, and you pick a colour that makes you design look amazing.

This leads us onto our next big decision, the design of your t-shirt. When it comes to design it is kind of a 4 way balance, and finding the perfect equilibrium on that four way balance, one that is perfect for your company, campaign, event day etc.  The first variable that you need to think about is how many places you want to print on, a standard t shirt has 4 places, front back, left sleeve and right sleeve. The next variable is what you want designed, this is a very important part, you do not want something too corporate so people will not wear it, at the same time you do not want something to fashionable where the message you are trying to deliver is lost.  Finding the perfect balance in branding, design and message is very important, if done correctly can be the difference between a failed campaign, and a super successful one.

Now for the pricing, the first thing I would suggest is creating a ballpark range at the beginning, there is no point diving in blindly and then finding out at the end that your campaign is just not feasible. Setting the price, limits yourself, and makes your choices easier. Once all choices are made it is important to do a further price review, see if there are any areas you can save a little money, for example the difference between a 4 colour print and a 6 colour print, if you can bring your design down to four colours, without affecting the final piece, that this is a smart move to save money. Now be smart when budgeting, do not cut corners, this seems to be where many people go wrong, many people go for the cheapest garment, with the cheapest design, and then order several thousand of them. They may think they are spreading the message to a thousand potential customers, but all they are really doing is making a thousand potential rags.

Be smart with your promotional t-shirts, if you have to reduce the quantity to up the quality, do that, because at the end of the day it is all about how many people will see this product, and if it is never worn, then your marketing campaign will fail. At every stage you should evaluate your decisions and how you can improve them, because at the end of the day your end product will reflect back onto you as a company, and at the end of the day, if your promotional t-shirt conveys your message and makes people see your company in a good light, then that will be a successful campaign.

Promotional Eco Friendly Clothing Provides Green Advertising on the Move

Promotional Eco Friendly Clothing Provides Green Advertising on the Move

One way to very effectively advertise your company is by means of promo clothing. This form of promo item is always welcomed by everyone, as it is something unique and something that everyone can use. However, if you use promotional eco friendly clothing to market your company, the results will be even more amazing.

When anyone receiving your gift of promo clothing realises that it is manufactured in a way to help limit impact on the environment, they are sure to be even more impressed. It is good to know that even business is becoming involved in looking after our precious earth.

Examples of our promotional eco friendly clothing options include t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, polo shirts and fleece jackets. They are available for all sizes, including children and adults, male and female. So as you can see, you can give your promo items to absolutely everyone, and you will know that your business is getting great exposure every day.

Another great thing about these promo items is that they come in a variety of colours and will look fabulous if matched with your company colours. Recipients are sure to be more than happy to wear such a great clothing item on a regular basis. Every time they wear the promo item, of course, means that anyone they meet throughout the day will become aware of your business.

All of the people wearing your promo clothing will, to all intents and purposes, be like billboards on the move for your company. Wherever they go, your advert goes as well. There is even a possibility that they use your promo item during their travels, so your company could be promoted in other countries as well.

Using our promotional eco friendly clothing will, of course, be promoting your company in the best way possible: by having people who care about the environment show everyone that your company cares as well.

Promotional Polo Shirts can be gifted to Employees

Promotional Polo Shirts can be gifted to Employees

It is the employees who run a business enterprise effectively. It is their hard work that contributes to the success of a company. Therefore, they should be rewarded in kind from time to time in addition to the financial remunerations. And one such item that makes for a great gift is promotional polo shirts. These gifts have a dual advantage. Not only can the employees be pampered with these but at the same time these are good tools of brand promotion. Promotional polo shirts are a popular and favourite gift item. At the same time they help in achieving the goals of an organisation by advertising it competently. is a leader in the field of online promotional gifts. They have an extensive collection of promotional polo shirts. Their range includes Slazenger Cotton Pique Polo Shirts, Basic Melbourne Contrast, Slazenger Ladies Cotton, Mix Polo Shirts, Slazenger Ladies Polo Pique, Slazenger Polo Pique Raglan, McForsum Pivot Polo Tipping Shirts, McForsum Polo Driver, US Basic Perth Contrast, Slazenger Cool Fit, US Basic Chelsea Bi Colour, US Basic Sydney Raglan, Slazenger Polo pocket shirts, US Basic Austin Zip, McForsum Ladies Flex Tech, McForsum Flex Technical, Basic Boston, McForsum Polo Derby Shirts.

These promotional items are found in unisex, female and male varieties. As a result of this there is no question of gender biases or unequal treatment by the company. The promotional polo shirts are designed by qualified experts in the industry and are the best in their elegance, shape, cut and fitting. High grade combination and pure fabrics are used to shape the promotional polo shirts. This makes them suitable to be worn in all types of weather and at the same time it is skin friendly. There is a wide range of colour combinations that can be chosen from. The company logo that is etched nicely on the polo shirts leaves a lasting impression on the minds of the audience. Sophisticated and modern technique is used for the printing and embroidering.

The promotional polo shirts impart a sense of gratitude to the employees by the company and at the same time the employees are happy too to receive the promotional polo shirts. Additionally, the brand keeps on getting promoted whenever the recipient wears them. All this helps in marketing the company in a positive way. Promotional polo shirts are a favourite for gifting to employees. Visit for more details about promotional polo shirts.

Choosing the ideal Promotional Items

Choosing the ideal Promotional Items

A promotional item is an ingenious way to connect to your customers, clients and your very own staff. It conveys your appreciation, strengthens your business relationships and helps initiate new ones. Through your promotional item, you become more than a business solely concerned with money matters- your business contacts see the warm side of you through them and are made to feel special.

It is important to match the kind of promotional items you choose with the nature of your business. For example, if you are a business dealing with children’s clothing, it is best if you stick to promotional items like toys. This helps your customers to identify your promotional item with your business.

Promotional items work best when they are appropriate and suit the recipient just right. When chosen with good care and effort, they reflect the high standards of your business. This will ensure that your promotional item will get used on a regular basis, bringing you much publicity in the process.

The effectiveness of a promotional item depends on its design and the space it allows for a prominent display of your corporate image. Choose promotional items like pens and key rings that are convenient to carry, widely used and display your brand image to the best advantage. Your promotional item should be mutually beneficial to both you and the recipients.

With the advent of the internet, online marketing has become a convenient way to shop for your preferred promotional items. It saves you from the bother of going from shop to shop and finding nothing good at the end of a tiring day.

For the best deals in promotional items, log into our online store where we will guide you through a range of products that will rightly suit your needs. If budget is a constraint, we have the choicest of promotional items that come at very affordable rates. You can also avail of discount offers if you order in bulk.
You can personalize your promotional product and lend to it your individual corporate flavour.

Our range of products include personalized items like T-shirts, pens and mugs, travel and leisure gifts like carrier bags, travel mugs and travel accessories and desktop products like computer accessories, paperweights and notepads. Find everything that you need to suit all occasions at our online store that offers you the maximum value at surprisingly low costs.

Polo Shirts can be gifted to Teenagers

Polo Shirts can be gifted to Teenagers

Polo shirts are well known tools of advertising company brands and hence they make extremely popular promotional gifts. They are known to a great magnet in getting customers belonging to different age groups. In fact, polo shirts are extremely popular with teenagers. This age group is very brand conscious and their daily discussions include a heavy does of brand talk. Therefore, promotional gifts given to teenagers’ means that the brand will get more visibility and will also enjoy a higher recall value.

It is easier to introduce polo shirts in the daily life of teenagers owing to their lifestyle. Teenagers love to dress casually and therefore a polo shirt is perfect for them. These can be worn while going to the discotheque, attending parties, going out for a morning or evening walk or while playing or when simply hanging out with friends. Polo shirts can be worn whatever the occasion and this contributes to its usability factor which in turn helps in promoting brand awareness. has correctly identified this popularity of polo shirts amongst teenagers and accordingly developed a vast range of impressive promotional polo shirts. This collection comprises of Slazenger Cotton Pique Polo Shirts, Basic Melbourne Contrast, McForsum Polo derby Shirts, US Basic Perth Contrast, Slazenger Polo pocket shirts, US Basic Chelsea Bi Colour, US Basic Sydney Raglan, Slazenger Cool Fit, US Basic Austin Zip, McForsum Ladies Flex Tech, Slazenger Ladies Cotton, Slazenger Ladies Polo Pique, Slazenger Polo Pique Raglan, Mix Polo Shirts, McForsum Pivot Polo Tipping Shirts, McForsum Flex Technical and Basic Boston.

These polo shirts are extremely well designed and adhere to the latest fashion trends and standards. They are available for both men and women. They are very comfortable to wear and are made out of ring spun combed cotton, cotton free weave pique, cotton by Slazenger, polyester, poplin or genuine cotton. They are available in a wide range of colours to make it especially spunky and peppy for teenagers. The brand awareness is carried out by the logo that is printed, embossed or embroidered on the shirts. If there are no budgetary constraints then offset or screen printing can also be used to etch out the company logo on the shirt. In fact there are a lot of choices when it comes to customisation according to the different teen groups. To know more about promotional shirts, visit

Know how to choose the perfect corporate gift

Know how to choose the perfect corporate gift

A suitable corporate gift leaves a lasting impression on your customers and clients. Your corporate gift to them will be a constant reminder of your business. This is why it is so vital that you choose only the best because you would want your business associates to remember you in a positive light. Even in our personal lives, we would never think of giving anything but the best to our near and dear ones and we do this because we value our relationship with them. Likewise for business relationships, we value our important clients and customers, so why not give them the best too!

At times we might want to tell the people we work with that we value their time, effort and the trust they put on us. It is a way of extending our business communication beyond being strictly business; adding that human element that makes a business special and approachable. It is always a good idea to choose different gifts for different people, considering their gender, age and preferences. This will tell them that you thought about them individually while purchasing the gift and not just purchased similar gifts in bulk.

For example, a gift of a CD walkman player may not be appropriate for a senior and elderly member of a company. Such a gift would be more suitable for a younger customer or employee. Whatever you choose, keep in mind the likes and preferences of the person.

Corporate gifts can be of many kinds – embossed crystal ware, carved silver plated items, pens, bags, clothing, leather key fobs, and many more. It is important to choose the appropriate gift that suits the recipient’s tastes.

Many people have hobbies like gardening and decorating their houses. Make that effort to know your business associates, study their lifestyles and keep a note of their interests. For people who like to decorate their houses, you could give them impressive ornamental pieces, and for those who are into gardening, plants and flowers make wonderful corporate gifts. Likewise, people who are into outdoor sports can be given personalized golf balls and even golf bags, if it suits your budget. Giving gifts that are relevant to people’s tastes and likings make the perfect kind of gifts and you are sure to make them happy. Choosing a special gift for everyone will always strike the right note in your favour.

Printed Promotional Caps

Printed Promotional Caps

When someone receives a good quality gift always puts a smile on everyone’s faces. A free item is always welcomed with pleasure and people tend to fondly use it for a long time afterwards too. And when given in professional field a free gift always interests and attracts prospective customers. Known as promotional gifts, these business gifts are printed with the company name and logo. When versatile products such as pens, bags and umbrellas are transformed into promotional products, they are a surefire way to increase brand awareness and brand popularization.

One such promotional product is promotional or printed caps. They are very popular and have been highly effective to promote and popularize any business. Caps are a part of everyone’s lives and are useful everyday. Also they have a greater surface area to be printed with your company information. And caps are really inexpensive and you can easily plan an advertising campaign with printed caps on a large and extensive way.
You can gift caps in various styles and makes like hats, or caps specially created for
women or children.

Good and weather proof caps are sure to be a part of all the outdoor activities of the recipient- your hat with them will take you wherever they go and keep you within sight of prospective customers. It thereby gets additional exposure for you from far and wide.
Or there are specially designed and printed sports hats and caps. You can buy these if your target recipients are likely to be sports enthusiasts. And if you are a company dealing in sports goods or services, printed sports caps are made just for you.
Then there are those really big hats for a day on the beach or a walk in the countryside-

Caps and hats are today a part of the fashionable modern wardrobe in addition to providing protection from the sun. So you can really design your caps to be modern and stylish, they will be instantly popular with the recipients of all age groups. They will remember you for a long time for gifting such a practical gift. Choose bright and attractive colour schemes; your logo should stand out prominently on the cap. Also see that a high quality paint and printing technology is used. Your logo shouldn’t fade out or wash away with a few uses.

A cap is relatively unusual promotional gift and also a very popular product. In addition to publicizing a brand, caps can be very helpful in the promotion of a product from an already famous brand. At the BTC Group, you will receive all help with this type of promotional campaign. Explore our vast variety of promotional printed caps and other promotional products with out online website and product catalogue.