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January News 2017
  • PSI
  • Powerbank Luggage
  • Laser ink T-Shirt
January News 2017 

Every Year the Leading European trade show for the promotional product industry takes place during January at the Messe Düsseldorf in Germany. TEAMBTC were in attendance as not only is it a great place to find the latest and greatest products for our customers, but a great percentage of our suppliers will also be present, and it presents an easy and efficient way to catch up with all our suppliers under one roof. With over 1000 suppliers under one roof, you can see why PSI is such an important and influential show in the industry not just in the UK but across Europe.

The exciting element of PSI is with it being right at the beginning of the year, it is a great platform for companies to see the products that will be popular and trending this year. With such a great number of promotional product suppliers we can see all the newest innovation, and this isn’t just restricted to technology, you will see latest innovation in clothing, luggage, and even promotional furniture. Below is an example of some of the highlighted products we saw at PSI:

  • USB Type-C accessories
  • Luggage with built in Powerbank
  • Drones
  • Branded Bean Bags
  • Illuminated T-shirts
  • Premium promotional sunglasses
  • Personalised Converse shoes
  • Branded fruit

… and the list goes on

With PSI being an internationally attended event, it automatically provided the perfect opportunity to meet with our international partners. BTC Group is proud members of the WAGE Organisation, with 19 other members from across the globe. During this meeting we were able to share branding ideas, update each other on global projects and other opportunities to deliver promotional merchandise programmes worldwide. We would also like to congratulate our Belgian partner Van Bavel on their Promotional Gift Award for their innovative new promotional Eyewear that we will be bringing to the UK market soon!