January News 2016
  • Stoke Flag In Space
  • Tim Peake holding Stoke Flag
  • International Space Station
September 2014

When our sales team received a very specific quote for a flag, little did we know, the flag would eventually find its place on the International Space Station.

The idea was initially conceived at a Stoke City home game, like many ideas, it began as a talk amongst friends, with the first request of asking Tim if ‘Stoke City’ could be written on a piece of paper and taken into space. This plan then snowballed and 5 months later the “Let’s get Stoke in Space” campaign headed by lifelong Stoke Fan Andy Rushton, was a mission success. Mr Rushton campaigned via Twitter for 5 tireless months, and with some help from the BBC Radio Stoke Breakfast show who sourced the flag (from us!) finally received the affirmative message from Tim Peake confirming the flag would soon be on route to the International Space Station.

Tim Peake was launched to the International Space Station on the 15th December for expeditions 46 and 47. He is Britain’s first official ESA astronaut to go to the International Space Station, and hopes to inspire a generation to learn the benefits of space exploration. On 25th December Tim gave Stoke City fans around the country a Christmas treat when he tweeted the photo of the Stoke flag sitting proudly in the black beyond, with Earth in the background.

When BTC Group received the initial quote earlier in 2015, we were none the wiser on the final destination. The initial quote was for a 1ft by 1ft printed flag with the special stipulation that it had to be lightweight.  Seeing this on Christmas day was a treat not only for Stoke City fans, but the people involved making this possible at BTC Group also, and is definitely an achievement we’re proud of.