June News 2017
  • Industry Summit
  • Sourcing City Purple Club Summit
June News 2017 

The summit was attended by 48 members from promotional merchandise companies all over the UK, made up of directors and senior management from both sides of the industry, suppliers and fellow distributors.
The summit is arranged for professionals to come together and discuss all the challenges and issues that could significantly impact the future of the promotional product industry. This year BTC Group celebrates our 40th anniversary and the business has steadily grown from a print and trophy centre to one of the biggest promotional product companies in the UK, combined we have over 600 years of experience. It is this knowledge and experience we bring to the table at such events.
The objective of the purple club industry summit is to discuss the important issues and opportunities facing the industry today, and from this, combine the knowledge and thoughts of the attendess to formulate key action points for the industry to address them. We do thoroughly enjoy attending events such as this because there is a great amount of knowledge in that room, and being able to bounce ideas around like minded people is a very powerful tool.
Ultimately we are all working towards the same goals, regardless of our company, or which part within the industry we play, that goal is to increase the importance companies place behind their promotional merchandise campaigns. Statistics shows that promotional products are one of the most recalled forms of advertising with 84 percent of people can recall the advertiser who gave them a promotional product.