October News 2017
  • Vienna
  • Vienna WAGE meeting
October News 2017 

WAGE Group is a global network of promotional merchandise specialists working in 25 countries across the globe. BTC Group have been proud members of the WAGE Group for some time now are always please to join our global partners for meetings around the world.

These meetings are key to what makes WAGE Group so beneficial, as they reflect the core ethos of what the organisation represents. The sharing of information between partners is not just a good idea it is invaluable to the group members. It is this hub of information sharing that gives us the confidence to call ourselves promotional specialists as we are not only obtaining information on the promotional industry in the UK , but from around the world.

On the 4th October BTC Group joined fellow Wage Group members at the annual ‘Urban Meeting’ kindly hosted by our Austrian partner ISTAC Promotion. During this meeting there were several points discussed from new products, ideas and trends, to industry values and issues, and it was interesting to see the similarities and differences in these points country to country.