September News 2016
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September 2016


According to the BPMA this would be a new product-focused, member’s only event, placed in the midlands, catering for distributers all across the UK. BPMA said that the show is purposefully held in September as it’s a great time to exhibit mid-season and pre-Christmas ranges.

And what a great show it was, generally you will find with exhibitions in any industry the first of it’s kind is unpredictable, but this seemed to be a well-oiled process, with a fantastic turnout and great products on display!

One of the great new aspects to this show was the supplier product competition where each supplier had the chance to follow “The Winning Formula” brief which produced a fantastic collection of promotional products, with suppliers showcasing new printing methods and new products. There was also a section of the exhibition called innovation alley, showcasing student product designs, coming up with new innovative ways to solve old inherent problems through promotional products. The branding zone gave all visitors an further understanding into the methods suppliers use to brand their products and clothing. Later on that evening the BPMA held their annual awards dinner, with the supplier of the year award proudly sponsored by BTC Group, won by WCM&A

Trade shows are a fantastic place for BTC Group staff to not only increase their wealth of product knowledge, but to also reinforce distributer supplier relations. It is very important to BTC Group to stay completely up-to-date with all the latest products and printing methods on the market, something that there was an abundance of at the BPMA Show.